HP announced 2 new point-of-sale systems willing to deliver fast, effective customer services while giving the chance to retailers and business owners to manage better their operations: HP RP7Retail System, MODEL 7100 and HP RP3.

The HP RP7 Retail System is a new version of RP7 All-in-One, fanless, resistant to splashes, smoke, dust, reduced cooling and energy costs with the energy-efficient Energy Star®,  elegant design and is created  for the hospitality environment.

The HP RP3 meets the needs of retailers using POS by offering reliability and connectivity features like: a wide range of serial and USB ports, integrated wireless or wired LAN for supporting online transactions; it is made to resist at 40°C temperature with no external cooling plus reduced energy costs with the energy-efficient Energy Star and EPEAT Gold that delivers extremely low power consumption, all these facilities in a compact design able to maximize space.

Both coming with HP Standard three-years limited warranty, the 2 new devices will be available in Europe in January 2013.

For this years’ holiday season HP created offers for printers, PCs, holiday-themed tools and resources to facilitate the wishes of people to connect with loved ones and prepare for happy holidays.

From a large package of products and services offered at better prices, to personalized gifts and creative products, HP holiday Headquarters plans to offer a complete destination for customers coming to them with everything they need to create their holiday ambiance.

We will stop at a few examples that might draw your attention for a while and who knows maybe you will chose it as your Christmas gift for someone you love.

Snapfish by HP is collaborating with American Greetings to offer greeting cards designs. Customers have the possibility to create personalized greeting cards available in hundreds of unique models as also mail them directly to friends and family with Snapfish’s new Mail for Me services.

In the compact printers and PCs domain, new for the holidays, the HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer has a slim and compact design with whisper-quiet operation and adjustable touchscreen that retracts after printing. HP ENVY 120, ideal for the family to go, comes with HP ePrint and wireless direct for printing from virtually anywhere from a mobile device.

The HP ENVY touchsmart Ultrabook 4 brings in a powerful performance with 23 mm thing and a weight of 4.77 pounds, put together in a metal design. It has a 14 inch multitouch HD display, a booming subwoofer with Beats Audio and optional AMD graphics with 2 GB memory.

To learn more about the products and full holiday offers please visit www.hp.com and maybe you will find a perfect gift for this Christmas.

ElitePad 900

We were talking the other days about the new projects of HP: tablets and phones. I come now with informing that HP announced a new tablet for business/enterprise market, on its name “ElitePad 900”. The device will run Windows 8 and it is announced to debut next year in January. This product has been announced on web before in short videos at the Olympic Games.

The new ElitePad 900 comes with a 10.1 inch screen, it has 9.2 mm thickness, aluminum case plus Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection. The tablet will have the newest Intel processors, a 8 megapixel camera in the back and a front camera with full HD capture for video chat. This model will offer a 32 or 64 GB memory and 3g/4g connectivity.

Also will be interesting to see the suggested accessory for this tablet which will be  a SmartJacket that not only will protect it but also will offer 2 USB ports, HDMI exist and a memory card slot, plus an extra battery.

We are looking forward to seeing the price of them.

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New market

As the market is in a continuous growing and industry is like flying with the speed of light, only those that have enough courage can survive. With this motto is getting wings also Hewlett-Packard with their decision of enlarging their production. To the big family of HP products is about to enter a smartphone and a tablet.

The analist Peter Misek from Jefferies sent a report in which he mentioned that HP is preparing an aggressive strategy for the new products but at the same time they are showing a lot of caution taking into consideration that in the past they faced a failure in this domain. Their last try to enter on smartphones’ and tablets’ market wasn’t a joy as they end up selling the tablets HP TouchPad for a price of 99 USD just to get rid of the stocks. Just one month after launching TouchPad they closed WebOS, canceled the projects regarding new phones from Pre series and all this at the command of former CEO, Leo Apotheker. Let’s see if now Meg Whitman will lead HP in a better direction adapted to the “after PC” period that we are into. Image

40 million in 2013

Hewlett-Packard has great expectations for the year that comes: they are hoping to sell 40 million notebooks in 2013, which means a 25 percent increase from 2012. This is a fabulous goal for the company taking into consideration that this year they didn’t achieve the expectations due to the decline registered in the third quarter.

Setting such a high goal though it is not impossible. Things can turn around in 2013 due to the release of Windows 8, the new operating system that could have a positive impact on the computer industry. The rumors are saying that the sells went down in the third quarter of the year because many consumers were willing to delay the acquisition of a computer until Windows 8 would arrive. Basically, untill now, there were only 2 reasons to buy a computer: either the existing one damaged, or it is too old. Now that the new OS has been released, HP can take this huge gamble and expect to ship 40 million notebooks.

I can just wish them: good luck!

Black Friday

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The final countdown begins today. Just one week remained until most of computer lovers wait for: Black Friday. That’s right is the day that my computer can receive a new look, a new keyboard, a new mouse, a printer or maybe my computer will turn into a notebook this year. Black Friday in Romania 2012, the day with the most discounts and offers will be on 23rd of November this year. Online store, retailers and importers are preparing the most attractive promotions, so this is a good occasion to make shopping or chose the best gifts for your beloved.

In 2011 Black Friday found many stores on wrong foot, which determined them to prepare better for this year, for others 2011 was great and they promised even better products and higher discounts, somewhere between 50 and 70%.

We hope that big stores like eMAG, Altex, Flanco and MediaGalaxy will give to us the long waited HP products at the best prices.

Your list is ready to shop?

Dear people who love music, HP comes to you today with a special gift… Universal Music Group, one of the leaders of music world made an agreement with HP in order to create “HP Connected Music”. What does this mean? It means that all HP PCs that have installed Windows 8 will have free access to streaming and downloading of multimedia content. All artists represented by Universal Music will be just a click away from you: Madonna, Metallica, Rolling Stones and so on. More than this, the application will give opportunity to its users to win VIP tickets at the above artist’s concerts plus access to their studios. The service can be tried for free, but in order to participate at competitions and win prizes you must register with a new HP PC with Windows 8. The owners of HP Spectre and HP Envy PC’s with Windows 8 can also download 10 songs per month for free, for 90 days.

The first event HP Connected Music was No Doubt concert in Paris on 6th of November, the first in a long series of private events organized by HP in Europe with the artists of Universal Music.

Because is a new service, for the moment prices after free trial is expiring are unknown; one thing is for sure: the application will be available also in Romania and I will be here to inform you for more.

Why HP and not PH?

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard are the two founders of HP Company. They both graduated in 1935 from Stanford University with an electrical engineering degree. With the help from their mentor, Frederick Terman, they created HP in 1938, in a garage in nearby Palo Alto, California, United States with an investment of $538.

The interesting part of the founding story is how they chose the name of the company. To establish this they flipped a coin in order to decide if they would call it “Hewlett-Packard” of “Packard-Hewlett”. Even though Packard won the toss he named it “Hewlett-Packard Company”.

Nowadays, HP is one of the most successful companies in the world